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What are Endpoint Management Tools?

Endpoint management is the process of discovering, deploying, and maintaining endpoint software as well as desktops, laptops, mobile and other devices within a network. Endpoint management tools provide an interface that simplifies and or automates software and operating system deployments, patching, and configuration of managed devices to lessen the burden on IT operations.

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Endpoint Management Tools

Endpoint management tools normal reside within corporate IT organizations. Security Operation teams can be reliant on endpoint protection platforms to manage and prevent cyberthreats or breaches.

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I love Goverlan... Overall I have been using Goverlan now for 4 years, and of all the products I have tried out, Goverlan is the best. I like everything about Goverlan pretty much. I like the fact that I can deploy software remotely, connect to machines remotely, connect to Workgroup added machines, see all the details about a connected machine, add printers remotely, see file folders, run DOS Commands. It is just a great product for an IT Admin to monitor machines.

– Wesley S. Head of Information Technology, Manufacturing