Your Goverlan Central Server must be registered in DNS in order for clients to be aware of its existence. To register your server in DNS, you must create at least one Service Location Record (SRV) for it. 

Create the Goverlan Service Location Record

The following describes how to create the Goverlan SRV DNS record using the Microsoft DNS MMC snap-in. If you do not use this tool, any other DNS Administration tool will do.

1. Open the DNS MMC Snap-in and set the container focus to the ROOT _tcp folder of your primary domain:

2. From the menu, select Action > Other New Records..., scroll down the list of resource types and select Service Location (SRV) and click on Create Record...

3.  For Goverlan Central Server v2, replace the Service to _goverlan, leave the protocol to _tcp and configure the Port Number to 21160.

     For Goverlan Central Server v3 with Goverlan Reach, replace the Service to _goverlanServer, leave the protocol to _tcp and configure the Port Number to 22100.

Finally, enter the full DNS name of the server which is hosting the Goverlan Central Server.

Note: 21160 is the default port number used by the Goverlan Central Server and 22100 for Goverlan Central Server v3 with Goverlan Reach. However, the port number is configurable in 
Goverlan Server Settings. Make sure that the port number configured in the DNS SRV record matches the port number used by the server. 

4. Click on OK. Then click on Done.

Implementation for Large Geographical Networks & Load Balancing

The Goverlan Central Server Control Interface allows you to monitor the current load on a server. In you have a large network and see that a Goverlan Central Server is overloaded you can add more Goverlan Central Servers to distribute the load. Two or more Goverlan Servers can be registered within the name domain in two ways: you can add Active Directory Sites Registrations and/or you can use load balancing.

Active Directory Site Registration

If you have two or more sites configured in Active Directory, you can register one or more Goverlan Central Server for each site. To do so, simply create a DNS Service Location Record in the _tcp folder for that site. For instance, the following screen-shot shows the SRV Record for the _goverlan service in the NORTH-AMERICA Site of

Service Name Resolution Precedence

The Goverlan Clients (that is: Goverlan, Goverlan Remote Control and the Goverlan Agents) will first prioritize their Site's Goverlan Central Server. If none are found or if it is not available, the Root Goverlan Central Server is used. Therefore, unless you only want some but not all sites to use a Goverlan Central Server, it is good practice to always configure a Goverlan Service Location Record in the ROOT _tcp folder of your domain.

Load Balancing

DNS allows you to create two or more DNS Service Location Records for the same domain (or site) to provide for load balancing. The DNS registration settings of the SRV records have PRIORITY and WEIGHT factors which can also be configured to tune and control the load balancing. Please refer to the DNS User Guide for more information about these settings.

Both Load Balancing and Site Registration can be used.

Note: No replication mechanism has been implemented in the Goverlan Central Server. If you use more than one Goverlan Central Server, you will have to configure them individually.

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