Real-Time + Data Driven Hybrid Engine

The advantage of a data driven remote support solution is that information will be retrieved from a database back-end. Data is always available regardless of the machine's power state. The disadvantage is that the information received may not be current and therefore cannot be reliably used as actionable data.

The advantage of a real-time remote support solution is that information is always current. However, when a machine is off or unreachable, information is unavailable.

Configuration Information

Goverlan supports two types of database back-ends: SQL Lite file-based (default) and Microsoft SQL Server.

Upon the first installation, Goverlan automatically uses a SQL Lite .db3 file based database that is stored under the configured Goverlan Application Data Directory.

To change the database settings, open the Settings window and select the Database Settings category.

How it Works

On first use, the Goverlan database will be empty. As you query real-time information from your machines, the information is inventoried in the database.

If a machine which had been queried (and updated in the database) becomes unavailable, inventoried data is returned instead of real-time data. If inventoried data is returned, an indicator is displayed.

Most system information is registered in the historical database with the following exceptions:

  • Local account database
  • Running processes and performance counters (however, startup programs are registered in the database)
  • Available Updates under Windows Automatic Updates (however, Update History is registered in the database)
  • Opened Files & Opened Sessions
  • WMI based information

Configuring a common database with your co-workers

If there are multiple Goverlan v8 users, all installations should point to a common database so that historical data can be shared.

  • If you do not have a Microsoft SQL database and you are a small team, the SQlite file-based database will be sufficient. Simply configure Goverlan to point to the same database file.
  • If you have a Microsoft SQL server, have Goverlan point to it to improve performance.