There are several objects in Goverlan that can be shared with other Goverlan users in your network.

Shareable objects include:

  • All objects within the Goverlan Object Manager
    • Software Packages
    • Batches & Scripts
    • External Controls
    • Custom Actions
  • Action Modules (within Scope Actions or Custom Actions)
  • Scope Modules (within Scope Actions)
  • Shared Favorites
  • Custom Commands in the Goverlan Remote Command Line

With Goverlan team collaboration, these objects are stored in the database used by SureDATA and retreived by anyone on the team. Objects can also be enforced on the team. 

  • Enforce on my team: Forcefully shares the object with your team, locks the object that can only be edited by enforcee and auto-appears on the Goverlan users Object Manager. 
  • Share with my team: Shares the object with your team and auto-appears on the Goverlan users Object Manager. The shared object is not locked and can also be edited by anyone on the team. 
  • Make available to my team: Shares the object to the Published Object section that can be accessed and imported by a team member. These objects do not auto-appear and will only show in the Goverlan Object Manager when imported.
  • View available objects for my team: This is to access the Published Object section where other team members have made their objects available via the "Make available to my team" button.

Configuring Team Collaboration

Team collaboration has two prerequisites:

  1. A configured Goverlan SureDATA database(See SUREDATA Configuration)
  2. All Goverlan Consoles set to point to the same SureDATA database (See Applying SureDATA Database Configurations)

Team Collaboration Objects

  • All Objects within the Goverlan Objects Manager


or right click the Object or Category to reveal the same options


  • Scope Modules, Action Modules (within Scope Action and Admin & Diagnostics)

Scope Action Team Features

  • Favorites (Admin & Diagnostics, Remote Control and WMIX)

Shared Favorites Folder


  •  Custom Commands in the Goverlan Remote Command Line


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