Installing Goverlan Agents

The Goverlan Agent is a passive, lightweight background service that handles all incoming requests from Goverlan modules. The Goverlan Agent is required to perform all actions on the computers within your organization. For more information regarding the Goverlan Agent, see Understanding Goverlan Agents.

Goverlan Agent Installation Options

Remote Agent Installation Requirements

Remote Agent installations have 2 requirements:

  • The Goverlan operator must have administrative rights on the target computer. The operator can specify an additional account in the Goverlan Credential Manager if their default account does not have the necessary rights.
  • Windows File and Print Sharing must be enabled and accessible on the remote computer. 

On-Demand Installation

Pre-installation of the Goverlan Agents are not required. Goverlan Modules can install the agents when you initiate an action that requires them. The Agent Installation Wizard appears when Goverlan does not detect the agent on the target computer.

On demand agent installation

Goverlan Agent Manager

The Goverlan Agent Manager allows you to Add or Remove agents by choosing specific workstations individually, IP, domain or input file.

Open the Agent Manager by clicking Help → Goverlan Agent Manager

Adding Machines to the Goverlan Agent Manager

To begin adding computers to the Goverlan Agent Manager list, click the .

There a multiple ways to add machines:

  1. Add a Single Computer - This will open the general search box and allow you to add individual machines via shortname, FQDN, IP address or initiate a wildcard search against Active Directory.
  2. Add Domain Computers - This will open the Active Directory previewer allowing you to select machines via their Active Directory container(OU). 
  3. Add Computers by IP Scan - This will open the Goverlan IP Scanner utility and allow you to add machines via an IP range scan. 
  4. Import from file - This will allow you to select a TXT or CSV file containing a list of machines, one item per line. 

Goverlan Agent Manager Add Machines

Pushing commonly used Agent Configurations

The Goverlan Agent Manager can push commonly used configurations to your agents. These settings include:

Remote Control Client Side Configurations

These configurations all pertain to how the agent will behave before and after a Remote Control session. For further details and indepth configuration options, see Customizing Remote Control Agent Behavior.

Publish a Goverlan Central Data Repository

A Goverlan Central Data Repository (GCDR) may be required if the basic prerequisites for fastConnect are not met. For more information on how fastConnect works, see The Goverlan Central Data Repository and Understanding fastConnect.

Scope Action

A Goverlan Scope Action can be used to push, update or remove the Goverlan Agent proactively.

Use these steps to create a Goverlan Agent Scope Action.

  1. Create a New Scope Action
  2. In the Action Module, use the Add/Remove button and select Execute Computer Action
  3. Use the Search box and type "Goverlan Agents"
  4. Select Goverlan Agents → Install / Update Agents

 Scope Action Agent Configuration


Advanced Installation Options

The Goverlan Agent can also be installed directly on a computer via the Goverlan Client Agents EXE file. The file is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Goverlan v8\Goverlan Client Agent Installer\Goverlan_Client_Agents_v8.exe

This file can be used by third party software delivery solutions or for embedding the agent in your organization's corporate image. 

NOTE: On Windows Vista and above, UAC may interfere with the installation of the agent. Please right click the agent installer and select "Run as Administrator"

Goverlan Agent Behavior Options

Goverlan Agents are responsible for the way your users see and interact with remote control sessions. Some examples of the agent behavior options are User Acceptance for remote control sessions, post session notifications and image/text branding. Goverlan agents are automatically configured to receive policies from the Goverlan Administrative GPO Template, Goverlan Central Server or Understanding Scope Actions. Refer to Controlling Agent Behavior for more information. 


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