Manage all of your Goverlan Objects in one unified location with the Goverlan Objects Manager. Create, edit and categorize your Software Packages, Script Packages, External Controls and Custom Actions. 

The Goverlan Object Manager can be accessed by right clicking any object -> Manage in Administration & Diagnostics or via the Welcome Page under Configurations -> Manage Goverlan Objects:



Categories help organize Goverlan objects to fit your needs. Easily assign objects to categories by a drag and drop. You can also type in a Category name within the object and Goverlan will auto-create the category if it does not exist. 

Team Collaboration

Software Packages, Script Packages, External Controls, Custom Actions and their prospective Categories can be shared with your Team as long as every Goverlan Console is set to the same SureDATA database. For more information see Configuring Team Collaboration.

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