Case Study - Technology

How Goverlan helped Teltech provide more efficient support to sustain the company’s global expansion.

Company: Teltech Communications

Industry: Technology

Location: USA


Utilized multiple tools to perform interactive and non-interactive support

Staff visiting on-site and remote off-site users

Increase staff efficiency to support global expansion


All-in-one remote administration solution

Extended remote administration capabilities

Substantial time and cost savings

About Teltech Communications

Founded in 1999 by Kelley Church and Lisa Hanlon, Teltech has successfully grown to become a recognized industry leader, offering technical and project management services in a wide variety of disciplines including engineering, operations, construction, logistics and strategic planning, and spanning multiple wireless and broadband technologies including CDMA, UMTS, GSM, WiFi and WiMAX voice and data networks. Teltech’s goal is to be the wireless industry’s first choice for services throughout all the stages of the wireless network lifecycle. Teltech is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, GSA Schedule 70, California Public Utilities Commission and Woman Business Enterprise. Learn more at


Teltech, a leader in legacy and next generation telecommunications networks and worldwide supplier of communications solutions, has recently implemented Goverlan. With 5 offices in Colorado and Texas and remote sites spanning three states, from Colorado to Arizona to Florida, Teltech needed a centralized and integrated remote administration solution to support their end-users.

Before Goverlan, Teltech employed various tools to perform all of their vital tasks. This piecemeal strategy quickly became inefficient and cumbersome, with each product missing important components.

A key component essential to Teltech is being able to perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks without interrupting users, yet having the flexibility to provide more involved, user-interactive support when necessary. The solutions in place at Teltech did not allow for such adaptability.

In order to support their global expansion efforts, it also became indispensable for the company to become more efficient and increase their productivity while driving down operating costs with extended systems management options and a powerful remote control component.

Implementing the Goverlan solution

Goverlan presented an all-in-one, integrated and unified solution with a simple subscription license per admin with no node limit - at an affordable price. The team at Teltech now performs all of their support and troubleshooting tasks from one centralized solution, streamlining their efforts to save time and costs.

"Our primary facility being over 200,000 square feet, we use Goverlan's remote control component extensively to support our end-users. Not having to visit individual workstations is invaluable, whether at the far corner of our building, across town or across the country," elaborated Patterson Cake, IT Director. "Like most small to mid-sized businesses today, staffing is one of our most-significant IT expenditures. Tangible cost savings from Goverlan's suite of support tools comes down to increasing staff efficiency. Being able to engage a user or system from our desks without having to repeatedly walk from one end of the building to the other saves us thousands of dollars per year," he added. Additionally, by using one comprehensive solution with a negligible learning curve, Teltech can slash the costs associated with training and maintain a more productive and streamlined support team.

"Not having to visit individual workstations is invaluable"

The team can also be more proactive in preventing potential problems in their network by remotely viewing the screen activity and performing computer management - from mapping printers, installing software and viewing performance counters - on many machines within a single pane. This heightened visibility and control from one console is ideal for centralized remote administration.

Goverlan can be used for non-interactive user support whereby an admin can perform tasks remotely while the user continues their work uninterrupted. Everyday maintenance tasks can be executed in the background and sessions can be initiated without user involvement. In cases where more interactive support is required, Goverlan's user-centric interface allows admins to quickly pinpoint logged-in workstations by username search and instantly access in-depth, real-time system information in an intuitive drill-down menu. The Teltech support team can also invite multiple admins to a remote control session and start interactive chat sessions among admins and users during or outside sessions.

"Prior to Goverlan, we used a combination of tools depending upon the need and circumstance. For example, Windows Remote Desktop is a great tool for non-interactive support that requires no user involvement, yet it doesn't work very well when trying to educate a user or when supporting a sales person who may not have a Windows Professional operating system. We were using Internet-based tools for interactive support, but these required user involvement to initiate a session, which didn't work well for day-to-day maintenance tasks," described Cake. "With Goverlan, we now have the ability to observe, interact and instruct as required per support situation. Interactive support is simply a requirement for many end-user support scenarios, as users are prone to report 'it's broken', which isn't very descriptive or helpful! It is invaluable to be able to 'join' a session with a user, ask them to repeat their actions or demonstrate the problem," he added.

Goverlan is also helping Teltech provide more efficient support as the company's plans to expand globally gain momentum. "We have recently used Goverlan to help us organize and maintain users and computers in AD, expedite Group Policy updates, install printers on workstations in remote locations, and provide remote Internet support via Remote Assistance, all of which will help us as we grow and become more geographically dispersed," emphasized Cake.


Goverlan has provided Teltech an all-in-one solution, offering the communications leader an integrated suite of real-time, enterprise-class remote administration capabilities and a powerful remote control component to extend their reach. Benefiting from substantial time and costs savings and increased productivity and efficiency, Teltech is now prepared for continued global growth.

"The product is intuitive and just works; the management suite is full of cool tools. We’d used many alternate solutions in the past, from Radmin to VNC to Net Support, but have always preferred Goverlan because of its ease-of-use and deployment, cost-effective licensing, and the built-in management capabilities like Active Directory integration, remote command line access, system information, and network scanner, among many, and a powerful remote control component that supports multiple monitors easily," stated Cake.

"The product is intuitive and just works"

Cake also commented on the technical support provided by Goverlan; "Though we rarely have had to contact support, when we have, we have had prompt response and resolution."