EasyVista Acquires Goverlan to Expand Product Capabilities Toward Self-Healing

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Case study – Education

Read how Graves County Schools uses quick detection and auto-installation off software patches to ensure all 2,000+ machines in the district are secure; remote access to provide support to disparate users; and turns of the student’s computers at night and back on in the morning to save on energy consumption.

"[Goverlan's] 'invisible hand' at the keyboard offers so many options to get things accomplished that any network is bound to benefit - be it one with 10 machines or nearly 2,000 machines. Goverlan has proven invaluable for instant issue resolving and machine updating; if I can see the machine in Goverlan, I can make changes to it in real time," added John Wilkins, District Network Technician.

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Download the case study to learn how Graves County Schools successfully addressed the following challenges.

Graves County Schools
  • Push security and time sensitive patches school wide
  • Limited options to share, customize and automate actions within the department to create efficiencies
  • Frequently interrupt teachers while performing support tasks
  • No power management options to automate power on and shutdown of computers school wide

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