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Case Studies / Ellenville

Case study – Education

Read how the Ellenville IT Department has improved their time-to-resolution and administrative capabilities, allowing the small department to successfully manage the multi-school district's network.

"We use Scope Actions, or ‘Scopes' to run reports for our computer inventory, asset management and software licensing; as a tool to make global changes to software or PC management; to make changes in our server infrastructure; and for software Active Directory records or inventory on a regular basis. We have greatly reduced our operational time by being able to recycle and reuse these Scope Actions on other projects as they arise," explained Bill Cramer, Director of Operations and Network Administration.

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Download the case study to learn how Ellenville Central School District IT department met and overcame the following challenges.

User support
  • Support the Ellenville school district: 3 schools, 2,000 students, 300 staff
  • One-glance OS status update check
  • One-push OS update to all machines
  • Automatic Agent Installation
  • Immediate intel on machine history

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