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Case Study - Automotive Retail

Read more about how Asbury Automotive, supporting 100+ installations in over 10 states, has completely turned around how IT delivers support and improved support metrics across the board.

“We used Goverlan’s Scope Actions to deploy the latest, greatest Flash player and Adobe reader. It was very simple to set up, very easy to run and it worked flawlessly. Before it would have taken probably a week to get everybody on it. With Goverlan, we did it all overnight. Scope Actions has been one of the biggest wins for our department in the past 3 years,” said Carl Vannest, Director, IT Infrastructure & Security, Asbury Automotive Group.

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Download the case study to learn about Asbury Automotive’s selection process for a new remote access system and what challenges they were looking to solve.

User support

Save time and money with:

  • Support 100+ sites spread across 10 states, with 20 – 250 machines in each location
  • Used VNC to remotely control 6500+ PCs which was a suboptimal solution
  • Frequently interrupting users to perform remote tasks and causing user downtime
  • Constant travel to sites where no IT support was present
  • Software updates take up to a week to install across all 100+ sites

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