Starwood Data breach: A Reminder of Why IT Management Best Practices Help Keep Your Infrastructure Clean & Secure

This morning Associated Press reported that a massive data breach occurred inside the Starwood network.  Five hundred million records containing personally identifiable information were stolen, exposing email addresses, credit card numbers, passport numbers, and birthdates.  Marriott, who owns Starwood, told […]

Detect and remove blacklisted applications

Use a free trial of Goverlan to scan remote machines for blacklisted applications. Find any version of blacklisted applications (dropbox, spotify, weather bug, toolbars!!!) Find unpatched legacy versions of applications (Java, IE, Firefox in real-time) Quietly uninstall the app and […]

Uninstalling software and Windows updates

Uninstalling software and Windows updates In this technical demonstration we will discuss: The basics of installation and configuration Detecting and alerting on unapproved software installs Automatically uninstall Dropbox with Goverlan Scope Actions Rolling back / uninstalling specific Windows updates Reporting and […]