Monitoring critical infrastructure with Goverlan

Monitoring critical infrastructure with Goverlan Do you want to keep an eye on your critical infrastructure? Using Goverlan you can monitor for literally ANYTHING and instantly/automatically resolve issues when alerts go off. Watch and see how we monitor our exchange servers and […]

Better desktop, server, and user support

Webinar recording: Better desktop, server, and user support Watch as we demonstrate Goverlan and show real-world examples and tips. This technical demonstration will include: Supporting users with advanced remote control Automating IT, no matter what IT is AD management made easy […]


Detect and Uninstall QuickTime for Windows If you woke up this morning you probably saw that the Department of Homeland Security thinks you should NOT be using QuickTime for Windows. “If you have QuickTime installed on your Windows computer, just […]

Uninstalling software and Windows updates

Uninstalling software and Windows updates In this technical demonstration we will discuss: The basics of installation and configuration Detecting and alerting on unapproved software installs Automatically uninstall Dropbox with Goverlan Scope Actions Rolling back / uninstalling specific Windows updates Reporting and […]

Goverlan Reach in Action – Recorded Demos of our Remote Access Software

See Goverlan in Action! Need some help getting started with Goverlan, or want to take it to the next level? Watch a recently recorded demo and see Goverlan in action! Get started with a fully-functional trial version today. Automating IT with […]