Whats new in EV Reach v11.0.4 (2023.3)

Whats new in EV Reach v11.0.4 (2023.3)

EV Reach Cloud Instance Policy Management

Policy Management gives you global control over your EV Reach settings.

These settings include:

  1. Remote Control Client Side Configuration: Configure privacy settings before and during remote control sessions, ensuring a secure environment tailored to your needs.
  2. Operator Restrictions: Tailor operator access to maintain utmost security and control.
  3. Client Side Text Customization: Customize the client side UI text on the receiving side of a remote control session. Personalize the experience for users in their preferred language.

Policies can be applied as rules that apply to IP Ranges or specific operating systems.

We are committed to continuous improvement. Stay tuned for upcoming releases that will expand policy sets to meet evolving customer demands.

EV Reach Cloud Service 11.0.4 or higher is required to use this feature. Please contact support to upgrade your instance.

For more information see EV Reach Cloud Services

Azure AD Integration Beta Release

The EV Reach Azure AD Integration allows IT Admins to browse their Azure AD Tenant through EV Reach and manage User, Groups and Device Objects.

Features Include:

Viewing User, Group and Device Properties

Viewing User and Device Group Memberships

Viewing Bit locker Keys of supported devices

This Beta release will receive frequent updates that will add functionality and bug fixes with each new release.

The Azure AD Beta can be downloaded from the “Labs” section of the EV Reach Portal. Please take a look at the “Known Issues” section for current bugs.

For more information see AzureAD Beta User Guide