Migrating from Goverlan Reach v10 to EV Reach v11

Migrating from Goverlan Reach v10 to EV Reach v11

EV Reach v11 introduces a new EV Reach Server Managed Database for Inventory and Console Data.

The EV Reach Server now has a Migrate option for upgrading your existing Goverlan v10 Console DB to the new EV Reach Server Inventory database.

Upgrading your v10 Console Database

Use the following upgrade steps to upgrade your Goverlan v10 system to EV Reach v11.

Upgrading your Reach Server

  1. Install EV Reach Server v11 on your existing Goverlan v3 server.             
  2. Open the EV Reach Server Console
  3. Accept the prompt to upgrade the EV Reach Servers Database

At this point your EV Reach Server will be upgraded as well as all associated databases.

Migrating your Operator Console DB

The new EV Reach Inventory Database also manages EV Reach Console data such as:

  • Software Packages
  • Custom Actions
  • Shared Process Automations
  • Script Packages
  • Favorites

After you have upgraded your EV Reach Server, perform the following steps to upgrade your Goverlan v10 Console DB to an EV Reach Inventory DB.

  1. Click the Application Tab
  2. Select Server Configuration
  3. Under Server Configurations, Select Database Settings
  4. Under the Database settings, Check “Publish Database Configuration to all Operators via Policies” (This will open the migration dialogue)
  5. Click the “Migrate operator data from the current database, then continue”.
  6. Enter your Goverlan v10 Console DB settings, then click “Ok”
  7. You will receive a dialog when migration is complete, Click “OK”.
  8. Once the Migration is complete click “OK”
  9. Under Global Policies, your database configuration will be updated.
  10. Any console linked to your server will automatically connect to your new ITOM Database.

Once this process is complete, a new policy will be created that configures all your Goverlan v10 and EV Reach v11 consoles to point to this new database.

Limitations on operating a mixed environment

You may continue to use both EV Reach v11 and Goverlan v10 Consoles and Agents after the DB Upgrades. However, there are a few limitations.

  • Automatically Collected Inventory Data is only accessible by EV Reach v11 Consoles
  • Automatically Collected Inventory Data is only created by EV Reach v11 Agents