EasyVista Service Manager, Reach and Observe Integrations

Integrations with Easy Vista Service Manager and Easy Vista Observe allow IT operators to combine the best of ITOM (IT Operations Management) and ITSM (IT Service Management). By integrating these two worlds, IT Operators will be able to perform remote administration tasks with speed and power never seen, reducing the time to resolution on any case or incident.

Asset Discovery and Inventory Management for EV Observe and EV Service Manager

EV Service Manager and EV Observe can now tap into EV Reach Inventory Data for On Premise and Cloud connected Reach Agents.

Data in Service Manager or Observe will be updated with Inventory Data collected by EV Reach Process Automations. We have included the following Process Automation Template to gather the necessary data.

NOTE: You must have an EV Reach Console using SQL Server Express or SQL Server to utilize this feature.

The following versions are also required:

  • EV Observe 5.2
  • EV Service Manager 2022
  • EV Reach 10.6 or higher

Deep Linking Tools Support for EV Service Manager

Deep Linking allows Service Manager users to launch Remote Control sessions right from their Service Incidents. Locate the Equipment field inside the incident to Launch an RC Session. The Remote Control session will be logged in the incident once the session is closed.


EV Service Manager integration directly into EV Reach Incident Management Automation

Browse and work on your Service Manager Incidents using the power of EV Reach powerful tools and automatically track and log all Operator actions pushed directly to the Service Manager Incident.

Configure IMA / Service Manager integration see Service Manager Integration with Goverlan Remote Support