Goverlan now supports Azure AD Authentication for Remote Management



Goverlan now supports remote authentication using Azure AD credentials. Customers may now use Azure AD accounts with administrative access to use all Goverlan’s remote management features.

How to use:

Goverlan can use your Azure AD credentials automatically without the need for additional local credentials.

Alternatively, you may also use the Goverlan Credential Manager to store Azure AD credentials if necessary. For more information on using the Goverlan Credential Manager, see Using Alternate Credentials (

Whenever an Azure AD Credential is needed you must use the AzureAD\ domain component:

For example,



Azure credentials



The following requirements must be met to use Azure AD Authentication with Goverlan.


Requirements for both systems


Permission Requirements:

For Administrative Access to Azure AD Joined Devices, the following configurations are required:

  • The Goverlan Operator must have the Azure AD Device Administrators or Global Administrators Role
  • The remote device have an Azure AD status of Azure AD JOINED.

Where to get it:

Log in to with your Goverlan account. Select the CONSOLE tab and click Downloads for this product.

Click Stable Build to get 10.1.3

Push out the updated agents to your systems. For more information about agent management. See The Goverlan Agent Manager. 

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