What’s New in Goverlan V10

We are excited to release Goverlan v10, and the following are some of the new remote IT support features:

  • MacOS Agent support! We listened to your feedback and have now implemented a Goverlan Reach Agent that can control MacOS endpoints.
  • New remote control features! We have added support for 4K monitors, higher frame rates, and workspace improvements to make sure you get the best remote control experience.
  • Another request was for the ability to manage new UWP / modern apps on your systems and Goverlan v10 delivers.


Goverlan v10 new remote IT support features

Goverlan now offers MacOS Agent Support

MacOS Agent Support

In today’s work-from-home world, tech support pros find themselves managing personal devices under BYOD policies more than ever before. With the introduction of MacOS Agents, techs can now include MacOS as part of their endpoint management tools.

Goverlan’s new MacOS agent support gives Windows admins all the capabilities that they know and love from Goverlan for MacOS endpoints! We have included all the features of Administration and Diagnostics, Process Automation, and Remote Control.

This will enable IT pros to use IT process automations to push out applications to all your Windows and MacOS systems, run inventory reports for all your Macs, and so much more!


New Remote Control Features

We are constantly looking to improve our most used and loved tool, remote control. Especially as techs are working remotely now more than ever. These new features will have you multitasking and whizzing around your workspaces in no time.


Goverlan New Remote Control Features

New Goverlan v10 Remote Control Streaming Engine

New Remote Control Streaming Engine

Goverlan’s new remote control streaming is so good you can now watch your favorite cat videos on YouTube from any remote machine making it the best remote access software ever… of course, you wouldn’t use Goverlan Remote Control for that 😉. Our Streamlined remote control protocol takes full advantage of any graphics performance you may have. We have included the ability to fine tune your settings to meet any remote control situation.

New Full-Screen Experience

Goverlan’s remote control full-screen experience now lets you match your remote screen resolution to your local one. This will give you an RDP-like visual experience while still using a fast video codec–4k monitors? No problem!

New Full-Screen Experience on Goverlan v10


Goverlan V10 Supports The New Hotkey Bar

The New Hotkey Bar

The new hotkey shortcut bar allows you to quickly use all these new features. For example, toggle full screen modes, muting and unmuting remote sound, sending a Ctrl+Alt+Del, and more.

Support for Managing Modern UWP and MSIX Applications

Let’s face it, modern UWP and MSIX-based apps are here to stay. The Windows Store is an app deployment vector and most other RMM software doesn’t give you the ability to control what UWP apps are installed without heavy scripting.
Goverlan’s support for listing and removing MSIX based apps now gives IT support pros the ability to remove Store App bloatware as well as install MSIX apps in our software package management software deployment tools.
MSIX-based app management also extends to Goverlan’s IT process automation tools. Use one IT process automation to get rid of Candy Crush forever!
Goverlan Support for Managing Modern UWP and MSIX Applications

Under-the-hood improvements for the entire Goverlan ecosystem

Other Improvements

We also focused on behind-the-scenes improvements such as bug fixes and performance enhancements. We ran literally hundreds of tests to make sure we got it right. We’ve also built several under-the-hood improvements for the entire Goverlan ecosystem. These improvements will help us to continue to build great remote access software features for our users!

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