Goverlan v10 Beta with MacOS support is Available!

The Goverlan Team is pleased to announce the release of the Goverlan v10 Beta with MacOS Support. For a full status of the features currently supported, please see the Feature Coverage Progress section below.

How do I get access to the Goverlan v10 Beta?

To download the latest revision of the Goverlan v10 Beta Console, and to provide feedback, report bugs, or suggest modifications:

  1. Go to and log in using your client or trial ID and password
  2. Select the Beta Program section in the left feature selector

From this area, you will be able to access the download link as well as register feedback.

Installing the Goverlan MacOS Agent

Manual Agent Install on a Mac system:

Double click on the Goverlan Mac Installer Package to start the install process and go through the installation steps. At the end, you may be prompted to grant the Goverlan agent access to the local system:

Goverlan Mac OS Remote Support Agent Installation

You must authorize Goverlan access to remote control this machine. Click on Open System Preferences, then enable access to the Goverlan Reach Client:

Goverlan Mac OS Remote Support Agent Access

Changing Agent Configuration

To access the Goverlan configuration utility, open the Goverlan Reach Client application. You can quickly access this application by using the Mac OS Search feature and looking for ‘Goverlan’ :

Goverlan Mac OS Remote Support Agent Configuration

Pushing the Agent from the v10 console

To push the Mac Agent from the v10 console, you must do the following:

  1. Enable “Remote Login” on MacOS – Preferences > Sharing > Remote Login
  2. Add an SSH credential to your Goverlan Credential Manager
  3. Add a Native OS Credential to your Goverlan Credential Manager (Currently this must be an administrator credential)

Once the authentication is configured, you may deploy the agent.

Managing Mac Machines with Goverlan

Once a Mac machine has been equipped with the Goverlan agent, it is ready to be managed via the Goverlan console.

Feature Coverage Progress

Goverlan Features v10

Agent Management

Manual Agent Installer
Remotely Install Agents
Remotely Update Agents
Remotely Remove Agents
Remotely Query Agent Information
Remotely Push Config > Agent Network Settings
Remotely Push Config > Remote Control Behavior
Remotely Push Config > Goverlan Reach Server Assignment

Remote Control

Multi-monitor support
Multi-operators support
Supports Optimization Settings > Video Quality
Supports Optimization Settings > Disable WallPaper
Local audit registration / Remote Desktop Access Activity

Login Prompt Options

Login Prompt Not Supported on Mac OS
Lock Workstations
Logoff User
Configure/Manage Auto-Login

Session Controls

Disable Client Controls No
Curtain Mode (Default) No
Curtain Mode (Static Image) No
Curtain Mode (URL) No
Clipboard transfer
Audio Redirection No
Audio Chat No
Text Chat
Send Popup Message

Client Settings

Client Settings > RC Prompt Configuration
Client Settings > RC Disconnect Session Upon Inactivity
Client Settings > RC Post-Session Notifications > Screen
Client Settings > RC Post-Session Notifications > Email


Supports Goverlan Remote Control Admins AD/Local Security Group

Systems Management

Local audit registration / Remote System Access Activity

System Information

OS / BIOS Information
Hardware Information
Device Manager No
View Network Settings
Change Network Settings
Rename Computer
Join / Unjoin Domain
View Login History

Power Options

Scheduled Executions (including query and reset)
Reset user logon session
System Restart
System Restart to SafeMode Not Supported on Mac OS
System Standby
System PowerOff

Task Manager

User Session Management
Process Management
Performance Counters
Startup Programs Management

File Management

Browse File System
Manage File System
Transfer Files

Remote Shell Access

Application Management

Query Installed Applications
Remotely Push the Installation of an Application
Remotely Un-install Applications
Remotely Repair an Applications Not Supported on Mac OS

System & Software Updates

Query Available Updates No
Download and Install Updates No

Local Accounts Management

Query Local User Accounts
Manage Local User Accounts

Local Drive & Network Connection Management

Query Local Drives
Query Network Connections
Manage Network Connections

Printer Management

Query Configured Printers
Manage Users and System Printers

Services (Daemon) Management

Query Configured Background Processes
Manage Background Processes

Device Driver Management


Shared Folders Management

Query and Manage Shared Resources
Query and Manage Connected Users Not Supported on Mac OS
Query and Manage Opened Resources

Environment Variable Management


Remotely Execute Batch & Scripts

Remote Management via WMI

Not Supported on Mac OS

Goverlan Reach Server

Server Configuration

Via a DNS Service Location Record
Via a manually configured Goverlan Reach Server

Implemented Goverlan Policies

Reach Gateway Configuration
Client Restrictions > RC > Disable ‘Disconnect Remote User’
Client Restrictions > RC > Disable ‘View Log’ in Control Panel
Remote Control Client Side Configuration > Policy Settings
Remote Control Client Side Configuration > Email SMTP Config
Remote Control Client Side Configuration > Curtain Mode Configuration No
Goverlan Agents Configuration (Port / Protection Type / Firewall / Audits) No
Client Side Text Customization
Client Side Logo Customization No

Gateway Services

On-Demand Assistance over the Internet
Unattended Access over the Internet

Goverlan Auditing

Central Audit Registration / Remote Desktop Access Activity
Central Audit Registration / Remote System Access Activity
Central Audit Registration / System Login Logout Events

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