Goverlan 9.5 Beta is Here!

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We are pleased to announce that Goverlan v9.5 Beta is now available. Goverlan 9.5 is the first of two revisions that are scheduled to be released in 2019. So, stay tuned and keep on enjoying Goverlan!

What’s new with BETA18?

  • New Service Desk Providers added to the Incident Management Integration!
  • New State Mappings! You can map your Service Desk provider states to Goverlan simple states for better case visibility.

  • UI Improvements to the Work Canvas
    • New simple way to add items to the Work Canvas with the unified search box included suggestions from case itself.
    • Click any field in the incident to easily copy its text.
  • Share Goverlan Process Automation’s using Goverlan Reach Team Collaboration capabilities.

How do I get access to Goverlan 9.5 Beta

To download the latest revision of Goverlan 9.5 Beta, and to provide feedback, report bugs, or suggest modifications:

  1. Go to and log in using your client or trial ID and password
  2. Select the Beta Program section in the left feature selector

From this page, you will be able to access the download link as well as register feedback.

How will Goverlan 9.5 affect my environment?

Most new features are on the Operator side. The client agents on your remote machine do not need to be updated. However, installing Goverlan 9.5 Beta Operator Console will upgrade your existing copy of Goverlan.

Tip: If you wish to keep a copy of your production Goverlan software while testing Goverlan 9.5 beta, make a copy of the current release’s directory C:\Program Files\Goverlan Reach Console 9 and create a shortcut to the Goverlan.exe process. Then install Goverlan 9.5 Beta.

What’s New in Goverlan 9.50

Service Desk Integration – Streamline Ticket Management, Problem Resolution and Compliance

We are introducing a new module to the Goverlan solution: Incident Management

This new module allows you to integrate Goverlan with the leading Service Desk Management providers (Servicenow, Jira, Freshdesk, Zendesk, ConnectWise Manage for now, more to come!)  View, manage and work on your tickets directly from within Goverlan and have a full transcript of all actions performed during resolution pushed out to the incident log automatically.


ITIL Incident Management Transcript


Automatic Case Note Generation

Goverlan automatically keeps a record of all actions performed while working on an ITSM ticket, including the full transcript of chat sessions, and inject the full resolution case notes into the ticket.

This feature removes tedious manual work from the technicians, generates an accurate and actionable knowledge base of resolution information, and meets security compliance requirements.



Zero-Hassle Integration, No Complex Setup!

The Goverlan remote support integration with your ITIL Incident Management tool can be configured in less than 1 minute and doesn’t require any complex setup.

Next Steps

To know more about this new module, visit the Incident Management user guide. New modules may require a fee, please contact your account representative for further information.

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