2019 Product Roadmap – New Features Coming to Your Goverlan Console

New Features Coming to Your Goverlan Console

We have been introducing some cool new features to Goverlan Reach since the beginning of the year. Here’s a quick roundup of what you can expect to see appearing in your console.

Enhanced Curtain Mode

Last month we unveiled the new enhanced Curtain Mode feature at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas. It is already available in the Goverlan Reach’s Advanced Remote Control feature set and provides yet another tool to manage unattended endpoints, such as digital displays and kiosks.

Curtain Mode prevents someone who is physically present at a host machine from seeing what a technician is doing on the system’s desktop while a remote support session is in progress. This can be particularly important for corporations that operate in a regulated industry, such as healthcare, where they need to block the view to protect restricted information.

The new Enhanced Curtain Mode is a unique tool that allows you to display customized messaging on screens of different sizes and function, from help kiosks in malls to digital billboards, while they are undergoing maintenance. This means you can run uninterrupted messaging even when the device is not operational. For example, for a kiosk under maintenance, a message can be displayed showing directions to the nearest operational kiosks. While for an electronic billboard located in the street, a video or a branded message can be deployed instead of the operations team having to shut down the display’s screen.

Combining Curtain Mode with other Goverlan features can make it an even more powerful tool. For example, by using Goverlan Reach’s Process Automation, technicians can build a workflow that will enable them to automatically detect a failing display and trigger Curtain Mode, at the same time as alerting a support technician or the operations department so they can investigate the issue.

5 New Service Desk Software integrations

Next up we’ll be releasing five new service desk integrations at HDI Orlando 2019 in April. If you already work with Jira, ServiceNow, Freshdesk, Zendesk or ConnectWise, you will be able to access you incident requests directly from your Goverlan Console, providing easy and seamless case management.

This gives you some important benefits. You’ll be able to automatically track operator actions and see exactly what service desk technicians are doing to complete tickets. Plus, you’ll be able to accurately track your time to resolution and highlight any gaps in knowledge and training requirements (if issues are taking longer to resolve than they should).

Another important benefit is that all operator actions are stored against their ticket so that you have a complete record of what it took to solve an issue – this allows you to build up a knowledge base so that if something similar crops up in the future it can be much more easily remediated. It also means that operators don’t need to spend time manually filling out these details at the end of their day; making your team a lot more efficient.      

Finally, by incorporating Goverlan’s IT Process Automation you can create automated tasks to remediate common recurring issues. This not only removes some of the tedious admin work of solving problems, but also helps to improve your time to resolution.

Remote Control for Mac OS and Linux

The final piece we’ll be unveiling in this half of the year is Remote Control for Mac OS and Linux. Both of these features will work with the remote command prompt and remote task manager. They will help with your software management on both operating systems, allowing you to install, uninstall and repair software on remote machines.

However, the really unique aspect of this feature release will be the Multi-Machine Screen Monitor functionality. Our existing Multi Screen View allows you to monitor the screen activity and performance counters of a group of machines, within a single view. Now with support for Mac OS and Linux you will be able to do this across any mix of platforms – Windows, Mac or Linux. So, if your IT environment has a range of different operating systems your admins can still use the same Goverlan console to execute remote sessions even if different systems are involved.

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