Process Automation & Patch Management: report and deploy the KB4012598 Windows Update to protect against the WannaCry/WannaCrypt Ransomware


The WannaCry / WannaCrypt / WanaCrypt0r / WeCry / WeCrypt0r Ransomware has made I.T. admins all over the world literally wanna cry. From UK Hospitals, to FedEx and Telefonica, the WannaCrypt Ransomware has reaked havoc on over 200,000 machines in over 150 countries.

In what it seems to be a headache of a month for Microsoft….a la Malware Protection Engine Patch….they have been forced to release a Windows Update patch   for Windows XP, Server 2003 and Windows 8 machines that will prevent any machine from being infected with the WannaCry Ransomware.

Note that this does not remove the infection of the WannaCry/WannaCrypt Ransomware, this only prevents it.

Lets skip the drama and get right to first, figuring out which machines need the patch, then, effectively deploying them using Goverlan.

Microsoft has released individual EXE files and MSU files for each OS. These all can be found at the bottom of the Microsoft Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt Attacks Bulletin.

Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and Server 2008 and above OSes had an automatic update with this patch in March 2017. If you need to manually install the update for Windows 7/Server 2008 OSes and above you can find the individual MSU files in the Microsoft Security Bulletin.

We will be using the Goverlan Process Automation module to accomplish these tasks.

(Don’t have Goverlan installed? No problem, here’s a 30 trial of the entire app completely unrestricted throughout the duration of your trial.)

We have pre-created the Process Automation’s for you in our Goverlan Automation Center, so you do not have to do anything but drag and drop the automation files right into your Goverlan Console:

Process Automation #1:  Report – All machines without WannaCry Ransomware Patch

Process Automation #2: Deploy KB4012598 to All machines without WannaCry Ransomware Patch


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