Detect and remove blacklisted applications

blacklisted applications

Use a free trial of Goverlan to scan remote machines for blacklisted applications.

  • Find any version of blacklisted applications (dropbox, spotify, weather bug, toolbars!!!)
  • Find unpatched legacy versions of applications (Java, IE, Firefox in real-time)
  • Quietly uninstall the app and optionally notify the user. See how below!
Find Weatherbug and uninstall it
Notify the offender with a popup

Software vendors are not always great about patching legacy applications and sometimes leave it up to their customers to find and remove these unpatched and vulnerable apps. Detecting the presence of an installed app in a large complex environment can be a tedious and nearly impossible task. See below for details on how Goverlan can “Detect and remove blacklisted applications”!

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Detecting and removing blacklisted applications


Watch this webinar as we discuss how you can quickly find non-compliant or blacklisted applications installed within your environment and remove them with ease.

We will demonstrate how to use Goverlan Scope Actions to detect and remove:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Apple iTunes for Windows
  • Apple QuickTime for Windows
  • Legacy versions of Java

Watch this webinar if you want to get a step ahead and take a proactive approach to removing blacklisted or high-risk applications.


Detect blacklisted apps – Adobe Flash, Quicktime, iTunes, Java

  1. Create a Scope Action and target the machines you want to report on.
  2. In the Action section, click Add/Remove >> Report Computer Property >> Software Products >> Product Name and Install Date
  3. In the conditions section click Add/Remove >> Set Computer Condition >> Software Products >> Products Name set the condition to Contain One or More (comma seperated) and type “Adobe Flash, itunes, quicktime, java” 
Blacklisted applications report
Blacklisted applications report

Remove blacklisted apps – Adobe Flash, Quicktime, iTunes, Java

  1. Make a copy of the previous Scope Action by right-clicking it and selecting Add New Copy
  2. Remove the 2 report line items by highlighting them and clicking the red X
  3. Click Add/Remove >> Execute Computer Action >> Software Products >> Un-install Instance
  4. Run it with the same conditions in place!
uninstall blacklisted applications
Uninstall blacklisted applications

Try Goverlan for free! Fully functional and supported 15-day version!

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