Goverlan 8.5 is available for you! Read this before you update!

Goverlan 8.5 is here! Read this before you update!

1. Know your license administrator!

Only your Goverlan license administrator can authorize you to use a Goverlan license. Your license administrator can also grant you access to Don’t know who your license administrator is? Contact us and we will help you!

2. Login to


3. Download the latest version

Lower right corner of the licenses tab, in the “Self-Servicing Area”

Downloading Goverlan 8.5
Downloading Goverlan 8.5

4. Run the update

Goverlan 8.5 installs right on top of the previous version (8.01.10) and does not require an agent update. If you are running a version previous to 8.01.10 you will need to update your agents!

5. Use your credentials to sign in to the console

See “Fixed vs. Floating” below!

Signing into the Goverlan 8.5 console
Signing into the Goverlan 8.5 console

Step 6. Read the documentation!

My Goverlan Portal documentation

What is new in Goverlan 8.5?

New Licensing

Goverlan 8.5 introduces a new user and license management system that will help you allocate and self-manage Goverlan licenses across your team. Goverlan licenses are no longer key based, but rely on a sign-on. Goverlan operators and licenses are now managed using the portal. You can install the Goverlan admin console v8.5 on as many machines as you like, Goverlan is now a true concurrent user license! For more information click here.

Fixed vs. Floating Licenses

Signing-in to the Goverlan product uses a license from the selected license pool. Once all licenses have been acquired, a subsequent sign-on will fail.

You can install the Goverlan Management Suite (Admin Console) on multiple machine, simply log-in and out of the console to use or release a license.

Fixed License

This option allows Goverlan licenses to be permanently deducted from a pool of licenses until the Goverlan user signs out of Goverlan.

To release a license, simply sign-out of Goverlan by clicking on COMMAND in the upper right corner and then Sign-out.

Floating License

Float your Goverlan and you do not need to sign out of the console to release your license. Simple close the application and your license will be available for use. Learn more.

Force Floating License

Goverlan operators can now configure a policy to force the release of their Goverlan license when the Goverlan console is closed. Configurable via GPO or GCS. Learn more.

Do not use real identities

Goverlan operators can now configure a policy that masks the user and computer identity of the license registration with the Goverlan licensing portal. Configurable via GPO or GCS. Learn more.

Access the Goverlan v9 Beta

Goverlan v9 (now in beta) introduces Goverlan Reach – the full functionality of Goverlan for any machine with an internet connection. Goverlan is no longer dependent on LAN or VPN-based machines, you can support ANY user, ANYWHERE in the world using Goverlan v9. Visit the Beta section in the portal for more information and access to the beta.

Coming soon – Offline Activation

If the machines you do your administration from do not have internet access, we will be releasing offline activation methods shortly! Stay tuned!

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