5 File and Folder Management Tricks

File and folder management on remote machines can be a headache. Seemingly simple tasks like copying folders from a source to several destinations can turn out to be extremely painful.

Luckily you discovered Goverlan! Goverlan offers strong tools to query, transfer, manipulate, and manage files and folders on remote machines with ease.


During this webinar we demonstrate 5 cool file and folder management tricks:

  1. Scan for the existence of a file/folder using wildcards in place of usernames
  2. Delete multiple files/folders using wildcards in place of usernames
    • Virus/Malware cleanup
    • Stale file clean up
    • Removing a corrupt config file
  3. Transfer a file/folder from network location or machine
    • Including reports to confirm transfer
  4. Delete a file/folder using dynamic values for active user sessions
    • Including reports to confirm delete
  5. Copy/manipulate files already located on the client machine.

The applications are nearly endless. Perform fully automating batch backups, ensure a complete virus removal, query files and folders on remote machines and a whole lot more. Watch and see for yourself!

Download a free fully-functional 15-day version of Goverlan – https://www.goverlan.com/landing_pages/request_freeTrial.php

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