Maintaining Active Directory with Goverlan

Maintaining Active Directory with Goverlan

Watch and see how you can automate Active Directory (AD) maintenance and reporting with Goverlan during the “Maintaining Active Directory with Goverlan” live webinar.

During this webinar we will demonstrate running Active Directory reports and alerts to show us the current state of our AD environment. We will also showcase automated Active Directory maintenance using Goverlan Scope Actions.

Demonstrated reports include:

  • User or computer accounts with no activity in the past X days
  • Expired/unused/inactive/disabled AD accounts
  • Disabled accounts last logon/logoff time and other info

Automated maintenance features included:

  • Seeking and cleaning dormant/stale accounts
  • Automated user provisioning
  • Automated user termination

Bonus demo!

  • Querying a logged-in user’s homepage
  • Querying a logged-in user’s windows theme
  • Querying a logged-in user’s desktop background

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