Detect and Uninstall QuickTime for Windows

If you woke up this morning you probably saw that the Department of Homeland Security thinks you should NOT be using QuickTime for Windows.

“If you have QuickTime installed on your Windows computer, just uninstall it already. Apple isn’t patching it, and the security risk is high enough that the Department of Homeland Security put out a statement advising users to ditch the ancient video playing software.”

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/even-homeland-security-thinks-uninstall-161711226.html

Well, using even a free trial of Goverlan we can detect and remove QuickTime on an unlimited number of machines in just a few minutes!

Detecting QuickTime on a group of machines

Let’s build a quick Scope Action report to detect any machines with QuickTime installed.

  • Create a Scope Actions that targets all your machines. Add an Action module, that includes a Report on Computer Property >> System Computer Name.
  • Add a condition for Software Products >> Product Name contains QuickTime
  • Run the report or set it to run on a recurring schedule to detect QuickTime
QuickTime Report

Remove/Uninstall QuickTime

We can now create another Scope Action to remove any installed instances of QuickTime without interrupting the logged in user!

  • Create a Scope Action that targets your machines with QuickTime installed
  • Add an Execute Computer Action >> Software Products >> Un-install Instance
  • IMPORTANT: Apply a condition for Software Products >> Product Name contains QuickTime
  • Run the Scope Action

Learn more about adding, removing, and reporting on software installs in this quick recorded demo: https://www.goverlan.com/blog/2016/04/13/uninstalling-software/

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