Goverlan Reach in Action – Recorded Demos of our Remote Access Software

See Goverlan in Action!

Need some help getting started with Goverlan, or want to take it to the next level? Watch a recently recorded demo and see Goverlan in action! Get started with a fully-functional trial version today.

Automating IT with Goverlan—WATCH NOW

  • Active Directory automation
  • Terminating/provisioning employees with a single click
  • Remote shadowing RDP and Citrix Sessions

Deploying Software & Patches—WATCH NOW

  • Installing the SalesForce for Outlook plugin
  • Silently deploying software and patches

Uninstalling software and Windows updates—WATCH NOW

  • Detecting and alerting on unapproved software installs
  • Automatically uninstall Dropbox with Goverlan Scope Actions
  • Rolling back / uninstalling specific Windows updates
  • Reporting and alerting on missing applications

Querying Microsoft Office license keys on remote machines—WATCH NOW

  • Building custom reports
  • Deploying PowerShell scripts on remote machines
  • Updating registry values

Monitoring critical infrastructure with Goverlan

  • Monitoring the Exchange service for up/down, ping, and usage/resources
  • Create custom alerts with detailed information about what went wrong and how to fix it
  • Automatically remediate with custom actions to fix issues when they go wrong

Agent-less remote administration with WMI and PowerShell—WATCH NOW

  • Agent-less systems administration: Software and hardware inventory
  • SCCM and GPO: Create powerful filters and queries
  • Generating scripts: Automatically generate PowerShell scripts using WMIX

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