Installing and Patching the SalesForce for Outlook Plugin

Patch the Salesforce for Outlook Plugin using Goverlan

Watch as we demonstrate how to patch the Salesforce for Outlook plugin, build audit reports on Group Memberships and NTFS permissions, and support users with Goverlan.

In this technical demonstration we demonstrate:

  • The basics of installation and configuration
  • Managing the Goverlan agents
  • Navigating the modules
  • Patching the Salesforce for Outlook Plugin
  • Building NTFS permissions reports
  • Building AD Group Membership reports
  • Advanced remote control
  • And more!

Goverlan provides you with a secure way to query, administer, and control machines no matter where they are in the world. We work as a stand-alone solution or as a valued add-in to ConfigMgr, filling key gaps. Goverlan also integrates with Active Directory and other infrastructure giving you a secure way to remotely deploy PowerShell and more!

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