Goverlan v8.01.10 – Improvements for Windows 10

Improved support for Windows 10

Goverlan version 8.01.10 adds support for Windows 10, enhancements for touchscreens and tablets, and overall stability and performance improvements.

The support for Windows 10 includes an agent update, we are encouraging all customers to update to the new version and remember to update the agents as well. The easiest way to update agents is the Goverlan Agent Manager!

Stability improvements

A number of other improvements and fixes were included in this release, with a focus on console stability and performance. Visit the download area and select changelog for the complete list.

Touchscreen support

This release also included support for higher DPI resolutions and touchscreens. The application now supports a lot of common touchscreen gestures including: tapping, drag scrolling, and pinch to zoom. With Microsoft Surface tablets growing in popularity and power, this seemed like a fun and applicable addition. We are looking forward to showing off Goverlan on a Surface at our upcoming shows.

Goverlan on a Microsoft Surface

For more info on Goverlan v8.01.10, read the press release.

Free training!

We recently did a survey of most of our current customers and learned that while you love Goverlan you were having some challenges. We want you to get the full use of your investment in our solutions so we are introducing weekly public (free) training webinars. These are live interactive demonstrations and will cover different topics. So far they have been product overview focused, but we are developing specific topics as well, like: IT Automation, Active Directory Management, Compliance and Reporting, and more.

The webinars are held on Fridays at 12PM ET. You can sign up for these demos by clicking the banner on the Welcome Screen in the Goverlan console.

weekly webinar sign up

Here is a link to the next session we are having:

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