Turn it up to IE 11 with Goverlan

Turn it up to IE 11

Turn it up to 11…IE 11

Microsoft recommends that all organization upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 to meet last week’s end-of-support deadline. As of last week all previous versions of IE will no longer get security updates from Microsoft, which runs an obvious risk. Microsoft also mentions that even if you choose to uninstall IE and run another browser, you should still first upgrade to IE 11 to ensure you have the most current DLL components in place.

“When you remove IE from “Windows Features” by unchecking the selection box, IE isn’t actually removed from the PC. All of the system components remain for use by the operating system and other applications. The web browser application (IExplore.exe) is “hidden” and not removed.”

What does this mean?

It means we all have a lot of machines to patch! There is good news, Goverlan makes this really easy! We can easily see which version of IE machines are running, update machines, and run reports to verify afterwards.

Navigate to any machine in Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics and select System Information, you can quickly see the IE version displayed under Windows Information. This view is real-time information and accessed without interrupting the end-user.

Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics IE version - IE 11
Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics IE version

Using Goverlan Scope Actions we can create a quick report showing us IE versions other than IE 11. Target all the machines in your environment, then created a quick report with a condition applied to only show me machines with IE versions other than IE 11.

Goverlan Scope Actions IE 11 version report
Goverlan Scope Actions IE version report

Running the report shows me only machines without IE 11.

IE version report
IE version report

The next steps are easy, deploy and verify! Read this knowledge base article for more details on deploying IE 11, verify by running the report above 1 more time.

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