Webinar Recording: “Complete control” with Microsoft SCCM and these tools

“Complete Control” with Microsoft SCCM and Goverlan

If you missed our webinar on Friday (or you loved it and want to see it again), here is a link to the recording. Also included is the slide deck with all the links to the fantastic free tools for managing Microsoft SCCM environments that were mentioned during the webinar.

Webinar Recording

Webinar Slides


Goverlan WMIX (free)

WMIX allows you to explore the WMI repository using a GUI and perform agent-less remote administration of Windows machines. WMIX automatically generates PowerShell or VB scripts on any WMI class or instance. Download your free copy today!


Goverlan Suite (free for 30 days)

Goverlan was built with system administrator, help-desk technician, and support professional efficiency in mind. Providing a single, centralized solution to discover, report, configure, manage, and remotely control the broadest range of physical and virtual client systems available today, Goverlan allows technicians to quickly and eciently locate, identify, and resolve the issues of users anywhere in the world, without user interruption.


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