Get to know WMI with PowerShell

Get to know WMI with PowerShell

Goverlan collaborator, PowerShell MVP, and all around awesome Adam Bertram ( put together this brief on Goverlan WMIX. WMIX is a  free tool used to explore WMI and create reports, queries, and scripts. He does a great job of explaining it all, so I am just here to leave you with some links.

Read the whitepaper here:

Adam finishes the paper with this note on Goverlan WMIX (spoiler alert):

“WMIX is a great tool to learn and explore WMI. PowerShell is a great tool for management and automation. Leveraging each tool’s strengths will allow you to get up to speed on WMI much quicker and to create robust, efficient PowerShell scripts that you can use in your environment today.”

Download Goverlan WMIX (free) here:

Goverlan Suite

With the Goverlan Suite (reasonable but not free) you can:

  • Target and deploy scripts to multiple machines at once
  • Schedule deployments
  • Deploy conditional
  • Save and organize scripts as Goverlan Objects
  • Securely deploy PowerShell, VB, Perl, or batch files
  • Deploy securely using our encrypted console-agent communication
  • Do LOTS more….

Download a fully-functional 15-day version of Goverlan Suite, or contact us for a quick tour/demo.

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