Concerned with FIPS 201? Read about Goverlan smart card redirection!

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 201)

FIPS 201 is a United States federal government standard that specifies Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements for Federal employees and contractors. The overall goal of FIPS 201 is to achieve appropriate security assurance by verifying the claimed identity of individuals seeking physical access to Federally control government facilities and logical access to government information systems.

Recent indications have shown that in order to comply with FIPS 201, all US government agencies should use smart card technology. This presents a tremendous support challenge for IT teams in government agencies.

Are the days of the desk-side visit back?

So, you work in a government agency, you are on the desktop support team and you have been handed a smart card that will allow you access to colleagues machines should they require support. Do these mandates mean that your days of using remote support tools are over? Are you now required to physically visit every user that requires support?

Not if you have Goverlan!

Because, Goverlan supports remote physical authentication AND satisfies the federal smart card mandates in FIPS 201!

Smart Card enabled remote control
Smart Card enabled remote control

What does this mean?

It means that you can use Goverlan solutions to access remote machines and pass your smart card authorization through to the remote session.

No desk side visit, just download the latest version of Goverlan and be on your way!

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