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Which Remote Control is for you and other frequently asked questions.

After a little bit of a rocky start we are now offering an additional free tool, Goverlan Free Remote Control. A bunch of questions came up, so we are addressing them, here.

What is Goverlan Free Remote Control?

GFRC is a slimmed down version of the premium (paid) version of Goverlan Remote Control. The main things we took away to make it free were protocols (that we would have to support).

Protocols enabled:

  • VNC
  • RDP
  • Telnet/SSH

Protocols disabled/excluded:

  • Goverlan: Includes remote control compression for network performance, Windows authentication and encryption for network security, proprietary support for shadowing Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop sessions.
  • Intel vPro: Out-of-Band remote control, power management, restart to BIOS, and mount an ISO image.
  • Command Prompt:Goverlan Remote Command Prompt fully supports PowerShell.

There are a bunch of other differences, you can see more details and a version comparison here:

When I installed Goverlan Free Remote Control it indicates that I have 30 days left in my trial, why is that?

You get 30-days of the Goverlan Remote Control premium features, these features will be disabled after 30-days. We hope you love the features included in the free version and get great use out of them. A version comparison is available here:

Are there any changes to the premium version?

No, right now the premium version and price are the same. Free version can be upgraded to premium anytime.

Why did Goverlan do this?

We felt that there were some great features we could offer in a free remote control. Like AD integration and monitoring views. We are also including 30-days of premium features with every free download; we hope people see the value and purchase once the 30-days ends!

Who is eligible for this?

Anyone needing just the features offered in the free version.

I need the premium version and my trial is over, what do I do?

I own Goverlan Remote Control, does this negatively affect me?

Nope. You can use this to or recommend it to friends!

I want to help!

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