Happy SysAdmins Day from Goverlan!

Happy Sys Admin Day from Goverlan!

Don’t forget to thank a SysAdmin today!

It’s really important to do so one day per year, at least. It’s like Mother’s Day. You appreciate your mom every day, but once a year you need to let her know that.

The SysAdmins at Goverlan also manage our customer support department so many of you may have encountered Victor and Raul before. They keep everything at Goverlan running smoothly 365  days per year, and they help MANY Goverlan customers do the same.

So…Raul, Victor, with the world of Goverlan blog readers as my witness, THANK YOU! And it is purely coincidence that this happened the same day as a blue moon.

Happy SysAdmins Day!

Happy SysAdmin Day From Goverlan!
Happy SysAdmin Day From Goverlan!

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