What is Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics?

The struggle is real…

I find myself struggling with how to properly market and explain what Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics is. I figured I would write a quick blog post and see if I can do a better job than what we have on our product page. (Found here: http://www.goverlan.com/products/administration-diagnostics.php)

Administration & Diagnostics

The best way to feel Administration & Diagnostics is to sit in front of the main screen and just stare at what is in front of you, so let’s all do that together right now! You can click on it to make it bigger.

Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics Main Screen

So, uhh, what are we looking at?

What you are looking at is EVERYTHING!

Imagine this:

  • Your task: Supporting a department/office/company etc.
  • Your skill level: Anywhere from newbie to highly skilled professional.
  • Your mission: Someone (Aaron Woods) calls support with literally almost any issue. Fix the problem!

Step 1: Find the user

In front of you (on the right side), is a powerful Active Directory integrated search field that supports wildcards. It will return results of machines (servers, workstations, etc.), users, groups, and OUs.

Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics Active Directory Search

In the example above I searched for a partial username (awo*) and Goverlan returned 5 results. From here I can right-click on any user and perform simple tasks such as managing the user’s account information, resetting passwords, and other user tasks, but more importantly, I can click on Set Focus to set the primary window focus on this user within Active Directory. Here is where things really start to get awesome!

Step 2: Access the machine

Once you know which user is having an issue, you need to find out the device they are having the issue with. De facto methods are stickers on monitors or annoying instructions provided to the end user to dig up this piece of information. These archaic methods surely add to the pre-existing end-user frustration. But, you are in luck as Goverlan detects user sessions in real-time!

In my example, Goverlan reported AWOODS to be logged-in to 8 different machines! I know that he was having issues with his XP machine so I am focusing on the GOVDEMO-XP-32 node. Expanding this node exposes all the actions that can be performed on this machine, and there are a lot. Pretty much every aspect of the machine is accessible from the console allowing me to fully manage it from my remote location.

Detect user sessions in Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics

Step 3: Fix the problem…QUIETLY!

About 90% of support engineers resort to a remote control tool to fix user issues. Why is that bad?  Because the end-user must stop their work and instead watch dis-interesting mouse movements and keystrokes with their arms crossed and a frown on their face.

The beauty of the Goverlan Administration & Diagnostic feature is that all remote management tasks are performed behind-the-scenes with no end-user interruption or involvement. This means that they can continue their work while you do yours! This means that they had a problem, you fixed it, and you never asked them to stop & wait for it. This means you are a HERO!

In the following screen cap, some of the behind-the-scenes tools in Administration & Diagnostics are displayed. They are all based on the normal Microsoft look and feel with some nice enhancements. Within the confines of the tool-set provided, the custom actions you can create, the WMI objects you can hook into, the custom controls you can call, there is nothing that can’t be done/undone on that machine in real-time, remotely and behind-the-scenes.

The Goverlan Administration Diagnostics toolsetThe Goverlan Administration Diagnostics toolset

Sum it up

Behind-the-scenes remote management, configuration, support, and reporting for users, workstations, and server. Happy users = happy support staff!

This is for newbies, what about me, the casual expert?

Everything we showed so far was pretty easy, I agree. So what about the experts? Why do they want Administration & Diagnostics?

Well, you can do a ton more than what we discussed so far. Here are a bunch of techy reasons to consider Administration & Diagnostics.

  1. Security – All of the behind-the-scenes actions executed on a remote machine are performed under the Goverlan operator’s credentials (or other specified credentials). If you have admin privileges, then you gain full control of the remote machine automatically. If you don’t have privileges on an end point, Goverlan will not elevate your privileges. Also, all communication to and from Goverlan and the Goverlan agents are encrypted using the latest industry standards encryption strength.
  2. Citrix and VDI – Goverlan is Citrix® XenApp™/XenDesktop™ and VDI aware, you can support the VDI infrastructure and the user sessions from the same console as traditional user sessions. See our page on supporting Citrix users.
  3. PowerShell – Goverlan fully supports PowerShell. Execute PowerShell scripts on any remote machine. The script runs locally through our agent so you don’t have to open any security holes to enable remote PowerShell support (see number 1!)
  4. Active Directory – Manage AD password policies, assign and manage permissions, reset accounts, gain fast access to the parts of AD Users and Computers that matter most. Also, add/edit/delete AD objects, rename machines, and automate annoying AD tasks like clean up, user provisioning, and termination.
  5. Reporting – While supporting end-users makes up the bread and butter of Administration & Diagnostics, the grape jelly might be the awesome reports you can execute. Run comprehensive reports on literally any user, computer, or group state, value, attribute, whatever you want to call it. If it exists you can report on it! Full reporting on AD attributes for compliance/security/auditing purposes.
  6. No footprint – This is an easy one to appreciate. Goverlan is incredibly light-weight. There is no database back-end or pre-configuration needed to run the product. It integrates with your existing AD structure and leverages the security permissions you have in place already. Finally, no agents to deploy beforehand, everything happens on-demand, when you are ready!
  7. Live/Real Time – All task you execute in Goverlan happen live, in real-time. Deploying software, patches, scripts, configuration changes, etc. All happen as soon as you click. This makes Goverlan a great complement to SCCM. Read more here: http://www.goverlan.com/solution/goverlan-sccm.php
  8. Manage Goverlan Objects – Create, save, organize, distribute, enforce Goverlan Objects including, scripts, software deployment packages, patches, custom actions, and external controls. Do IT the right way, your way!

Sill not convinced?

Fine, let’s talk price.

Big company, small company, doesn’t matter. The price is $200.

For $200 you can start using this product to fully manage and support your environment. Whether it is 10 nodes/users or 10,000.

Goverlan is priced per operator (person needing access to the console). Each operator license can manage a network of any size.

Read more here: http://www.goverlan.com/online-store.php

Any caveats?

Yes, a few. So try it first. A fully functional 30-day version is available here:


There are no caveats on the trial. Use it! Call/email us with questions.


How did I do?

Want the Billy Mays version? You get the active directory management, you can get desktop support, you get the security, you get the remote management and monitoring…you get the point…maybe I will try a video blog next.

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