Goverlan is Going to TechMentor 2015!

Goverlan is going to TechMentor!
Goverlan is going to TechMentor!

Goverlan is going to TechMentor 2015!

We are really excited to be Gold Sponsors at TechMentor 2015 in Redmond, Washington.

This is shaping up to be a great conference with tons of Goverlan clients and friends in attendance.

If you are going, make sure you stop by the Goverlan booth and don’t miss our product demonstration in the demo theater!

See you all next week in Redmond, WA!

Meet the Booth Staff:

Ezra Charm, VP Marketing
Ezra Charm

Ezra is the marketing guy at Goverlan and will be standing at the Goverlan booth desperately looking for someone to talk to.

While not the most technical person in the world, Ezra has a ton of product knowledge having worked in the software space for many years. He will happily discuss Goverlan, fishing, or sights to see in Washington.


Raul Ortiz
Raul Ortiz

Raul is a technical powerhouse. Having spent over a dozen years as a systems administrator in the fast paced New York financial firms, Raul has a profound understanding of the role and associated technologies.

Talk to Raul about anything technical! He loves to chat about PowerShell, SCCM, Citrix, and tons more!


Booth Willith
Booth Willith

The Goverlan tradeshow booth has slightly dated messaging but is making the journey across the country for the third time this year.

Follow all the booth antics on twitter @goverlan or on instagram @goverlaninc.

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