Remote monitoring with remote control?

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Use Remote Control to Monitor Remote Machines

There is no better assurance that a machine, app, process, or server is running than actually seeing it with your own eyes.

Goverlan Remote Control can be used for remote monitoring of critical infrastructure and provide instant access to remote control sessions if/when things get weird.

Set up customized layouts with multiple panes so you can watch machines. Add heat-mapped performance indicators and separate panes so you can work on one machine and see how it affects others, in real time.

Monitoring with Goverlan Remote Control
Each screen is a different remote machine. Double click on any screen and switch to a 1-on-1 remote control session, as if you were sitting at that machine.

Once you have a layout set up the way you want, click save and give it a name. Anytime you open the saved layout it will open the same way, every time! Technology!

For a more in depth look into setting up these layouts go here:

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