New features or enhancements?

New Features or Enhancements in Goverlan version 8.01.07

Useability vs Features

We were just having a quick discussion whether some of the new additions to Goverlan were considered new features or enhancements. We decided that if the addition was something that a non-customer cared about like PowerShell support or NTFS permissions reporting (we offer both), it was a feature. If it is something only a customer would care about like categories to organize Scope Actions and Goverlan Objects it was an enhancement.

In this latest release of Goverlan (version 8.01.07) we offer several enhancements that you, our customer, will love! This release focused on our existing users, so take a look below and read about some of the enhancements we added based on your feedback/requests.

Administration & Diagnostics

The Administration & Diagnostics module got a lot of developer love in this latest release. The first thing you may notice is the additional spacing between elements in each OU. This will help as we make our product friendlier for tablets and mobility etc.

Also, the icon sets changed slightly and as you work you will notice that icons have meanings (they did before too, but still cool…)! There are individual icons for OS type and for machine state (online, offline, no agents, etc.). A sample legend is provided below.

Goverlan Administration and Diagnostics live view icons

One other small mention should go to the color of the text. Black text in the screenshot above is Active Directory generated data. Blue text is agent generated or dynamic data (logged-in user, IP address, etc.).

Machine State Legend

Machine state in Goverlan

Near/Real Time Monitoring

Administration & Diagnostics

The focused OU in Administration & Diagnostics now includes a near/real time update. Machine states will update for the focused OU so you can use it as a “live monitor”.

More details on this enhancement can be found here:

Ping Monitoring

Ping monitors with customized email alerts can be set up using Goverlan Scope Actions. Read more here:

Goverlan Objects Manager

The four Goverlan object types: Software packages, script packages, external controls and custom actions are now consolidated into a single management pane. You can easily toggle between objects using the drop down select. This consolidated view “cleans up” the interface a bit, and combined with object categories really enhances usability. Read more about Goverlan Objects and Categories here.

Manage Goverlan Objects


This was a widely requested enhancement and warrants its own post. Read about categorizing Goverlan Objects and Scope Actions here

Your feedback

User feedback drives a lot of our development and it is always welcome. Post a comment, share a thought, ask a question anytime!

We have an active feature/enhancement request forum with voting. Share your thoughts by visiting our Goverlan Voice Yourself page.

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