Categories, categories, categories…New in V8

Categories, categories, categories

In the latest release of Goverlan v8 we introduce two new concepts, the Goverlan Objects Manager and categories.

Categories are containers allowing you to easily organize (and utilize) Goverlan Objects and Scope Actions in meaningful ways.

Goverlan Objects Manager

The Goverlan Objects Manager consolidates the four Goverlan Object types into a single pane: software packages, script packages, external controls and custom actions.

You can toggle between the four Goverlan Object types using the drop down list.

Manage Goverlan Objects


You can also organize object into meaningful categories/folders.

Goverlan software package categories


When you are accessing any of the Goverlan Objects while using the product they will be organized in the category folders you specified.

Goverlan organized software deployment


How you decide to setup and manage your categories is entirely up to you. To create a new category use the little + icon on the top left of the screen and manage categories from within the properties screen of each object.

Let’s take a quick look at how this with Scope Actions.

Scope Action Categories

To create a Scope Action category, right click the Scope Action and select Set Category >> New Category then give it a name. To assign a Scope Action to an existing category simply right click the Scope Action and select Set Category and choose one.


Goverlan Scope Action category


In the screenshot above you can see I created a category for all of my compliance reports, hardware/software inventory, patches, live monitors etc.

Why should you care about this?

Creating categories obviously has its benefits, mainly usability should be improved in a real way, especially for our many power users!

Also, people seem to love categories/folders/containers/buckets.

This was one of the features requested by our community of users. Have a feature you want to request or vote on? Visit our feature request page!

Would love to hear from you how you made use of this usability improvement. Share a impressive screenshot or some thoughts anytime!

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