Activate Windows Remotely (and on multiple machines at once!)

Activate Windows Remotely

Activate Windows Remotely


One of our engineers was recently telling me about what a pain it was to deal with Windows activations. He worked in the financial services sector and every month during the “summer intern season” he would have to activate 40+ machines. Before he had Microsoft Key Management System (KMS) available he used Multiple Activation Keys (MAKs).

In order to get his activations done he would line up 40 machines and move from one to the next until all 40 where activated and ready for use. And, even with KMS, you may be stuck waiting until the process kicks off, with no solution for real-time activation of remote machines readily available (aside from a physical visit).

Goverlan makes it better!

Goverlan provides a very clean way to activate Windows on remote desktops. This method works for any number of machines (at once) and simplifies the process to a mouse-click! The method outlined in our tutorial will work for any Windows Server 2008 or greater or Windows desktop with Vista or higher installed.  Read detailed step-by-step instructions for activating Windows on remote machines.

The first step in the outlined process simply installs the key on the target machine(s), while the second step runs the activation process. If you already have the keys installed simply skip the first step and just run the activation process.

Aside from being a saved template so you can activate machines quickly, Goverlan uses a real-time push technology, as soon as the process runs you are done. No more waiting for machines or processes to become available!

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