User Provisioning Your Way with Goverlan

User provisioning life-cycle

Goverlan helps organizations provision users quickly, cheaply, reliably, and securely. Goverlan integrates with Active Directory and includes a powerful tool-set and script deployment engine. By leveraging Goverlan Scope Actions you can combine a sequentially-executed series of actions to automate new user provisioning and run it against one user or a group of users with a single mouse-click. This is just the beginning, Goverlan will help you automate and ease management throughout the user life-cycle process.

User Provisioning Life-Cycle

Goverlan can help you manage users throughout the user life-cycle processes. Take a quick look below and see examples of how we on-board new users, manage and support your entire organization, and finally terminate employees at the end of the process.

Onboarding – Steps taken when a new employee is hired


Create a User Provisioning – New Hire Action Module that will execute any or all of the examples below, and more:

  • Place the user in the correct Organization Unit (OU)
  • Assign AD Group Memberships
  • Create an employee number using Windows variables
  • Set department info
  • Set a user logon script
  • Set a department or user home drive with username
  • Populate any other AD attribute value
  • Set up an exchange email box
  • Any other custom event you choose, and lots more…

User Management

Users are dynamic—they change location, job role, responsibilities, access level, and more. Your systems and application must reflect these changes. Managing users with native tools is cumbersome and repetitive, Goverlan can make user management easy with quick access to the AD attributes you use the most. Import/export user group memberships and understand user access quickly with a great view on recursive permission (shown below). Save templates that will allow for quick or automated manipulation of any user attribute.

User Support

Users experience problems! Password resets/locked accounts, security entitlements, software/application deployments, patching, printer and drive mappings, hardware failures, performance issues, and more all get in the way of user productivity. Goverlan includes a powerful and comprehensive set of support tools so you can keep users productive.

Administration & Diagnostics—Support users behind-the-scenes with diagnostics, control and reporting on users, workstations, and server without every starting a remote control session!

Remote Control—Advanced remote control for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. Now includes remote shadowing for Citrix user sessions.

Deactivation / User Termination

Users have a finite lifespan. When users leave, whether through termination, resignation, end of contract, end of relationship, retirement, or other – their access to systems and applications needs to be revoked.

User termination can be a “hair on fire” moment. At 4:45 PM on a Friday you may get that call that “Joe” is being shown the door and HR needs a complete set of reports on activities leading up to his dismissal. Avoid an embarrassing or stressful weekend (or weekday) with Goverlan. Create employee termination templates in advance!

Our sample employee termination template includes all of these actions:

  • NTFS permissions report saved to IT share
  • User mailbox export as a .pst using a bit of PowerShell
  • Logoff all current user sessions
  • Group membership report
  • Login history report
  • Move the account to terminated employee OU
  • Update passwords

Goverlan allows you to build these Action templates according to your preferences and organizational mandates. Don’t get caught off guard the next time, have a customized Goverlan template ready to go!

Goverlan touches every part of the user provisioning life-cycle allowing administrators the access and automation they need to keep themselves and the teams they support productive.

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