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“To know Microsoft’s PowerShell is to love it. That’s how most readers feel — it’s just tough getting to that point.” says Joanne Cummings of Redmond Mag. And that is exactly true with Microsoft’s, now nine-year old, CMD alternative. Currently a year deep into its fifth iteration, from simple Windows OS configuration changes to Microsoft Exchange Server migrations, PowerShell has been a godsend of a tool for System Administrators alike whom need to perform the most complex of IT tasks across their infrastructure – sans GUI. With Goverlan v8.01.06 you can now utilize this powerful tool within one interface.

In this blog we will be highlighting the new PowerShell integration features of Goverlan. Enhanced secure PowerShell remote management of your machines within the Goverlan command console and quick access to frequently used cmdlets. Organize and consolidate your PowerShell scripts to one location within the Goverlan Batch & Scripts Manager. Finally, simplify the PowerShell scripting and infrastructure wide deployment process with Goverlan Scope Actions – all in one interface.

PowerShell + Goverlan Remote Command Console


Goverlan’s PowerShell integration makes for even easier and more secure remote management of Windows. With PowerShell 2.0, Sysadmins gained the ability to run commands on remote machines using the “invoke-command -computername” cmdlet.

With Goverlan, you can avoid the need to have the PowerShell Remoting feature enabled (Enable-PSRemoting). Easily remote connect to any of your Windows machines and type the magic word “powershell” into the console and voila! Windows PowerShell will spawn. From here you can perform any type of PowerShell cmdlet like get-process, set-executionpolicy, get-services etc.


Don’t worry, you don’t need to try to remember an extensive list of PowerShell cmdlets or even type them in. Included in the Goverlan Remote Command Console window is the Console Commands manager that allows you to set pre-defined PowerShell cmdlets that are frequently used, taking out the headache of remembering/typing complex cmdlets.



PowerShell + Remote Script Execution


The Goverlan Batch and Script manager is a powerful feature which allows you to easily dispatch the execution of local batches and scripts onto a single machine or a group of machines and receive a consolidated report of console outputs.

Organizing and running PowerShell scripts against remote machines could be a daunting task, especially since enabling specific services are required. Now have a centralized location to store your PowerShell scripts with the Goverlan Batch & Script manager. After easily inserting your .PS1 PowerShell script files, run them against multiple machines without the need to call to powershell.exe via a .BAT or .VBS script.



PowerShell + Goverlan Scope Actions


“Once you start talking about PowerShell scripts that run against hundreds or thousands of computers, performance becomes one of your top priorities.” says Tim Ferrill from tomsitpro.com. This is due to the fact the source computer has to process the returned data from each remote machine. With Goverlan Scope Actions you can reduce this constraint by having each individual PC process the PowerShell script via the Goverlan Agent. Easily select the above created PowerShell script package and run the Scope Action against your specified machines.



Go a step further with Scope Action Scheduling and Conditions. Schedule this Scope Action to run Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Every Minute, etc at any specified time. In a scenario where you would run a PowerShell script to suspend Hyper-V VMs on a series of servers where anyone of them has less than 2GBs of RAM available, you would specify in your script:

$availram = get-counter “\memory\available MBytes”
$value = $availram.CounterSamples.GetValue(0).CookedValue

If ($value -lt 1000)

With Conditions, remove some complexity out of your PowerShell scripting by using a UI to select your condition instead of searching through countless Google search results on cmdlets.

What’s New in 8.01.06?!

4-Minute Goverlan Speed Demo


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