Remote Software Installation with Goverlan!

Remote Software Installation with Goverlan

One major feature of any configuration management system is to perform a remote software installation. With Goverlan you can push EXE or MSI software packages to your computers in minutes with just a few clicks.  Simply configure a Goverlan installation package, assign it to a computer and execute.

Goverlan installation packages can also be part of Goverlan Scope Actions. This will allow you to add powerful logic and conditions to your remote software installations. For example:

Your customized installation may call for a complicated procedure pre and post installation.

Step 1: Detect the OS Architecture (32 or 64 bit)

Step 2: Add/Update/Remove specific registry keys

Step 3: Uninstall prior versions based on version numbers

Step 4: Perform remote software installation

Step 5: Alert console user of the update and impending reboot

Step 6: Reboot

There is no limit to the logic that can be configured. All without scripting!

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