News Flash! Goverlan v8 Beta Status Update!

The Story So Far…

Goverlan has become a product that IT professionals from all over the globe have come to know and rely on. Goverlan is designed to fit the needs of IT pros in all manner of environments and to manage IT complexity, simply.

We have a mantra here at PJ Technologies, and that is to never make changes for the sake of change. We must always change for the sake of improving. With that said, we have maintained the essence of Goverlan in v8 while improving Goverlan in many ways.

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Real-time/Database Hybrid Engine

Goverlan has always been based on the need to give IT Admins real-time information. With Goverlan, you could always get an up-to-date view of what is going on in your environment – excluding computers that were offline.

The challenge? How do we keep the benefits of a real-time pushed based system but take into account systems that may be temporarily offline or off the network?

The solution? The Goverlan Real-Time/Database Hybrid Engine.

This hybrid engine allows Goverlan to collect real-time data while simultaneously storing information into a database. Historical data is queried from the database in the event the machine is offline. This unique system results in machine information that is VERY ACCURATE (real-time) and ALWAYS AVAILABLE (database). The database can be a simple SQLite DB, SQL Express or on a full enterprise SQL Server. The choice is based on your environment’s needs.

Goverlan Real-time/Database Hybrid Engine
Historical Data Indicator

This does not stop here. We have big plans for Goverlan Real-Time/Database Hybrid Engine so stay tuned.

Intel® vPro™ Active Management Technology (AMT) Support


Now, with Goverlan v8’s Intel® vPro™ integration, you can remote control any Intel® vPro™ ready machine regardless of workstation power state or OS condition. Gain BIOS level remote access or reboot machines to a pre-configured ISO image and repair or install a new OS.

Remote Control any Intel® vPro™ ready machine regardless of workstation or OS condition
Goverlan v8’s Intel® vPro™ integration features

One of the main challenges with getting Intel® vPro™ deployed is finding a good solution to actually use the features. We decided to take this challenge head on and offer a smooth way to get control of your Intel® vPro™ workstations. Combining Intel® vPro™ features with the Goverlan agent gives IT admins unprecedented, 360 degree control of their workstations.


Telnet, SSH, Windows Remote Command Line

Need to set the duplex and speed on the Cisco switch? Or maybe you have to get shell access to that Linux server? Goverlan Remote Control v8 is the utility belt for any IT Batman! Connect to a wide range of devices with the introduction of SSH and Telnet to the Goverlan protocol stack. We have also integrated the powerful Goverlan Windows Remote Console. With Goverlan Remote Control, there is almost no command prompt you can’t access.

New SSH, Telnet, Windows Remote Console connection options
Connect via SSH, Telnet and Windows Remote Console


Users ask for help, not computers. How great would it be if we could “connect” to a user when they ask for help? We could just enter their user name and let the software determine where they are logged in to. With Goverlan Remote Control v8 you can enter Active Directory user accounts and Goverlan will find all the logged-in workstations. Use a wildcard (*) for a partial user name or computer and let Goverlan do the rest!

Goverlan now supports searching for logged in workstations by username and wildcard searches.
Search for Users and Computers in the Connect-To box

Floating Connection Layouts

Floating Views do not sound like much at first but I am here to tell you that this handy little Remote Control feature can bring all the other features together. With floating views, everyone from the help desk all the way to the senior engineers can create great workspaces that fit their roles. Floating views allow you to customize your Remote Control workspace. Detach and move your remote control or command line connections anywhere on your desktop. Easily arrange and organize your layouts and save them for easy access later. Simply double click the layout file and Goverlan will re-establish all of your connections!

Floating Layouts for efficient workspaces
Connect to multiple machines via any protocol

Enhanced Scope Actions

We made a lot of changes to Goverlan Scope Actions. We wanted to make them easier to create and make the reports even more meaningful. For those of you just joining us, Scope Actions are the Goverlan’s Global Configuration Management tool.

Selecting action items are easier now. You can open the menu once and select multiple times. Also, search the Action Module library to easily find any reporting or configuration item.

Multi-Select and search for specific actions directly in the menus
Navigate Scope Action menus easier


Simplified Scope Action options for faster configuration
New Scope Action Wizard

We have also spruced up the execution reports so you can see exactly how your Scope Action performed.

Efficient reporting of Scope Action progress
Enhanced Scope Action UI

Now with the Goverlan Real-time/Database Hybrid Engine, Scope Actions reports are more complete. When a system is offline, Scope Actions will supplement 

Improved HTML5 web reports and new Excel reports for in-depth report analysis
New Report Formats


New Admin & Diagnostic views

Computer Name, IP Address, Logged-In User. With these three pieces of information, any IT admin can gather tons of data from troubleshooting to upgrade planning or any other issue that might arise.

We have implemented the IP address and console user column to the Admin & Diagnostic view in Goverlan v8. We have also built in nice column filters so you can create a view that suits your needs.

AD Browser view with Logged-in user, IP address data and sorting capabilities
Useful information right on the AD Browser view

What’s Next

The road ahead is promising some great new features for Goverlan. We are not stopping here! We’ve received great feature requests from our user community – Thank You! We want to continue to provide you with an even better product so keep participating and make those votes count!

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