A comparison of remote monitoring and management software for Windows-based networks:

Concentrated technology released a comparative study of four of the most popular remote monitoring and management software alternatives.
The following products were compared:

  • Dameware Remote Support v9
  • Dell Desktop Authority Standard 9
  • Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v7
  • Symantec Client Mgmt Suite 7.5

Remote monitoring and management software (RMM software), also known as remote access software, is an application designed to help system admins, helpdesk technicians provide remote IT support and monitor client endpoints, networks, as well as computers.

Concentrated Technology’s study examined several functional areas:

User and Desktop Management and Support
Core System Config / Monitoring Capabilities
Batch Administration
Team Features
Global Reporting and Configuration
Remote Control




Batch Administration
“Dameware solution’s batch processing capabilities are limited… By contrast, the Goverlan solution has extensive batch processing capabilities. ”

“[Goverlan has] An extensive set of actions, broadly categorized as ‘reporting,’ ‘setting,’ and ‘executing’ are built-in, and custom actions can be created.”

“[Goverlan batch] Execution can include nearly anything the solution is capable of doing on a per-computer basis, including network settings, printers, processes, software, for a total of several dozen discrete actions.”



User Desktop Management and Support

“[Goverlan} is multi-user aware … Goverlan can ‘see’ individual user profiles and permit you to modify them individually or all at once. This can be a significant advantage”

“… when searching for objects in AD DS, the Goverlan solution provides a simplified UI that enables an administrator to directly search for attribute names … The Dameware solution supports AD DS searching through the standard OS dialog, which provides full functionality but it somewhat more complicated to use.”


Global Reporting and Configuration

“Using the [Goverlan/WMIX] utility’s built-in reports, report wizard, or report templates, administrators can generate a wide variety of real-time inventory reports. The Dameware solution does not offer equivalent functionality.”

“The Symantec solutions also relies on its central database of information, meaning there is an opportunity for information to be somewhat outdated in between remote agents’ inventory delivery to that database.”

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