Goverlan Replaces VNC at Asbury Automotive Group

Goverlan Replaces VNC at Asbury Automotive Group


Carl Vannest, Senior Manager of the IT support team at Asbury Automotive Group, described their environment: “We have 100 sites spread across 10 states. Each store ranges anywhere from 20 PCs all the way up to about 250-260 PCs. We have about 6,500 PCs in total that we manage on a daily basis. Our team of 16 oversees all of that.” Carl Vannest and his team tackle a daily average of 220-250 support cases.

Mr. Vannest had used Goverlan at a prior company and recommended it as an alternative to VNC to remotely access machines. Asbury Automotive Group replaced VNC with Goverlan for remotely supporting their Windows-based machines.


Implementing the GOVERLAN Remote Administration Suite

With 16 years of IT experience, Mr. Vannest has worked with a variety of remote management solutions. Making a comparison between Goverlan, LANDesk, ManageEngine, and Symantec Client Management Suite, Mr. Vannest notes:

“[Goverlan] The most simple to install and implement

PC management solution on the market.”

– Carl Vannest, Senior Manager, IT Support Team

“When you can put a program on a technician’s desktop, and they can open it up and use it with little to no training, it’s a win-win. LANDesk and ManageEngine aren’t like that. When performing complex tasks with Altiris, it’s not simple and not easy. With Goverlan, it is so straightforward, it’s just simple.”

– Carl Vannest, Senior Manager, IT Support Team

“The intuitive layout and design of the GUI makes learning Goverlan a simple task. We took 14 technicians and set them up on Goverlan in a matter of an hour. Extremely simple to implement, extremely simple to use.” 

– Carl Vannest, Senior Manager, IT Support Team



“Our average case close time has been cut in half.

That’s huge in the support world.”
– Carl Vannest, Senior Manager, IT Support Team

In just a couple of months of using Goverlan, Mr. Vannest and his team have already perceived considerable benefits. “It’s been a complete 180 on our support metrics … The ability to reach out to a customer through Goverlan, the ability to see what computer that person is logged into, the pushing of a small software package, all that Goverlan provides to us today that we did not have in the past. It’s fantastic.” The IT team now performs actions behind the scenes without involving users and can troubleshoot remotely, thereby eliminating on-site visits. By implementing Goverlan, Mr. Vannet estimates savings of $240,000 in man-hours per year for the IT team.

Mr. Vannest noted these specific cases:

  • “When adding a printer or adding a shared drive, we can now do it behind the scenes with Goverlan and not interrupt the user. Before, it would take us 20 minutes on average to add a printer and now it only takes 5 minutes.” Those extra 15 minutes meant less productivity and possibly lost revenue for the company.
  • “Being in the retail automotive business, once someone reports a problem, it’s hard to get them back on the phone. Before Goverlan, it could take 3 hours to get them back on the phone to troubleshoot. With Goverlan, we can see where they’re logged into and help them in a matter of minutes. That’s where big time savings come in.”
  • “We absolutely love the ability to add a machine to the domain or rename it right through Goverlan. Since we don’t have an IT presence on the ground at every store, it was a huge issue for us before. We’d have to dispatch somebody to join/unjoin domains.”
  • “We used Goverlan’s Scope Actions to deploy the latest, greatest Flash player and Adobe reader. It was very simple to set up, very easy to run and it worked flawlessly. Before it would have taken probably a week to get everybody on it. With Goverlan, we did it all overnight. Scope Actions has been one of the biggest wins for our department in the past 3 years.”

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