Goverlan Diagnostic Powershell Script


Here is a PowerShell script that performs diagnostics on agent, Goverlan Central Server and Goverlan Central Data Repository configuration and communications.

Save the file as a .PS1 Powershell Script file and run it. It is recommended that you have PowerShell version 3.0 or later. Some tests will be skipped if you are running 2.0 or earlier.

Feel free to update the script or posts changes in this thread to help make it better!

The following diagnostics are run:

Test workstation admins
Test Goverlan Agent TCP port
Test Goverlan Central Server configuration
Test Goverlan Central Data Repository Configuration
Test Target C$ Share
Test DNS name resolution

Script Usage:

Goverlan Diagnostic Utility – Use this utility to diagnose Goverlan agent and Goverlan Central Server communication issues.
The following switches are supported:


Specified target workstation to test.


Specifies a customer defined agent port as listed in Settings\Network Settings. If not specified, default port of 21159 will be used.


Specifies an alternate admin group to determine if the technician is a local admin. If not specified, Domain Admins group will be used.


Specifies how long to wait between tests.


Shows this help menu.
Example: Test-Goverlan.ps1 SOMEHOST -GovAgentPort 21156 -AdminGroup “Workstation Admins”

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