Kingdon Capital Uses Goverlan to Support Network Infrastructure

Goverlan improves first-call resolution & efficiency for IT Group supporting fast-paced trading firm.


IT Group at Kingdon Capital Management has been successfully using Goverlan Remote Administration Suite to provide secure and fast systems support to international traders around the clock. The group also manages the firm’s IT infrastructure during hectic business hours.

The IT Group, consisting of 4 admins operating from one central office, must support and troubleshoot approximately 200 desktops and 25 servers without disturbing the users, whose uninterrupted workflow is critical to the daily operation of the busy securities trading firm in New York City, NY.

”Other solutions had limitations on what you could do once connected and the performance was often terrible and intrusive. With Goverlan we’ve increased our first-call resolution by 95%…we can also perform tasks in the background with minimal or no interruption to the user”

After evaluating other system management solutions, the IT Group chose Goverlan because of its extensive administrative capabilities, instant access to real-time, comprehensive machine/user information, and ability to run tasks and troubleshoot inconspicuously without disrupting users’ work. “Other solutions had limitations on what you could do once connected and the performance was often terrible and intrusive,” explained Vince Rooney, Chief Technology Officer.

“With Goverlan we’ve increased our first-call resolution by 95%. In many cases we can also perform tasks in the background with minimal or no interruption to the user, who can continue to use their phone or manage paperwork undisturbed. Before Goverlan, we had to visit each user’s desktop and interrupt their workflow as we worked at their computer to resolve the issue,” he added.

In an environment where time is of the essence, staying proactive in preventing issues and monitoring problematic users/machines is vital. With Goverlan’s drill-down GUI, which puts in-depth, real-time machine information at an administrator’s fingertips, the IT Group has been able to radically increase their efficiency and diagnostics acumen. Moreover, the IT Group can report on and pushsoftware updates to maintain their network security. “We now have the ability to drill down into various aspects of the desktop OS when troubleshooting issues, which greatly expedites and streamlines our process. We can drill down on a machine and take a look at what processes and programs are running and check things like system stats and memory utilization. In our fast-paced environment, being able to see everything that is happening at a machine allows us to hit the ground running,” elaborated Rooney.

“With Goverlan, we have saved so much time and effort; because we can perform our tasks and troubleshoot more efficiently, our staff can also be on hand to handle calls while performing other tasks. Goverlan continues to get better with each new version and has become a staple in our environment,” he concluded.


To learn more, read the full case study here.

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