Goverlan Used State-Wide for South Dakota Bureau of IT

Goverlan helps small support team tackle big job of supporting IT infrastructures statewide


The State of South Dakota’s Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT) have been successfully using the Goverlan Remote Administration Suite to manage statewide IT infrastructures.

Supporting approximately 9,800 computers, scattered across 380 miles east-west and 210 miles north-south – from a centralized department with only a few remote offices, presents a monumental challenge for the BIT support team. What’s more, recent budget cuts reduced IT staff by 15%, with the number of machines to support remaining the same.

“We needed to improve our remote support capabilities since our work load and number of computers supported remained the same, creating a high work load per technician and having a detrimental effect on efficiency, call time resolution, and errors made,” explained Keith Hemmelman, computer support analyst for LAN Services.

Goverlan’s Suite enables a single technician to easily perform a vast range of administrative tasks on a mass scale, allowing even the most compact IT support team to tackle considerable workloads. “With Goverlan, our workload itself per say hasn’t diminished, but we are able to be more efficient using the remote administration of large numbers of computers,” said Hemmelman. The ability to perform administrative functions remotely has also reduced the number of onsite visits BIT performs, cutting costs significantly. In the last 18 months, BIT estimates a savings of 431 trips totaling over 60,000 miles to remote sites, and a cost savings of $46,500.

Providing support for infrastructures throughout an entire state brings about the difficult task of keeping up with the shifting requirements of diverse environments. With Goverlan, technicians can save customizable sets of frequently used actions and targets and automate these tasks to run when needed. In addition, the powerful search function and instant access to detailed information also allow the BIT support team to respond more dynamically to the different configurations they encounter daily.

The BIT support team plans to continue using Goverlan to accomplish their future IT goals. “Moving forward we continue to install new software programs and now we look to see if it can be deployed via Goverlan, which saves time and resources. Conducting administration and support remotely frees up travel time for other support tasks. This is valuable because we have a constant cycle of setting up new computers, operating systems, software products, and more that need to be implemented and supported,” concluded Hemmelman.

For more details about BIT’s usage of the Goverlan Remote Administration Suite, see the full case study.

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